Our Mission Statement

In 2012, the mission of Joys In Teaching Tutoring Services, LLC was to provide quality, dedicated, individualized instruction catered to the specific learning style and ability of each child. We believe that, given the resources, support, care, and compassion, every student is capable of achieving academic success and excelling. Since then, Joys In Teaching has expanded its mission to include enrichment programs (including the only entrepreneur course for children in the city),  parent education workshops, family workshops, and consultation services.

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Joys In Teaching Inc., works for the advancement of youth and their families.


Your purchase of “It Takes a Village” merchandise helps offset the cost of tutoring and enrichment programs for families experiencing economic hardship.


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What we offer

One on One Tutoring

Whether you need a tutor to give your child an extra push, need homework help, or just want your child to be ahead of the game, we have a tutor that fits your needs. One on One tutoring provides our clients with the individualized services they need, from matching you with the perfect tutor, to ensuring your child has the best tools and resources available for success. You choose the date, time and location, we do the rest!

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Parent Workshops

Joys In Teaching believes that the education of the parent is just as important as the education of the student. As such, we provide a range of free and paid workshops on a number of topics ranging from financial literacy, to education law.

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Enrichment Programs

Joys In Teaching offers a wide variety of enrichment workshops for after school and weekend programs. Classes are taught by qualified, experienced and passionate instructors. All instructors have had a criminal background check and are insured. Each workshop is paced for 10 weeks and has a culminating activity. We provide all supplies and materials.

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Consultation Services

We provide consultation services to schools and educational facilities that are looking for:

  • After School Program Curriculum Development
  • Implementation of the Young Entrepreneurs program
  • Summer Program Curriculum Development
  • Literacy Education Professional Development
  • Learning Disabilities Professional Development
  • Classroom Management Professional Development
  • Academic Curriculum Program Development

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Lizette M.

My son absolutely loved the summer camp experience offered by Joys in Teaching, LLC! His exact words were, ‘Mom, it was lit…it felt like a vacation!’ :)” 

Nicole J.

“I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is was our tutor’s extraordinary patience, teaching tactics, as well as the one on one attention that our child received, that enabled my daughter to continuously excel in school. The skills learned during tutoring have stayed with her from year to year.”

Gloria S.

My son excelled in his class after taking tutoring classes. It helped him to boost his grade. Kudos to all the tutors.

Michele L .

My daughter really enjoyed her afterschool activities offered by Joys in Teaching. The rates were very reasonable for the afterschool activities.

Helizhabeth C.

Flexible tutors on a dedicated mission to help kids succeed!

Terrence J.

The tutor is from excellent teaching stock and background.