About Us

Our Story

As an educator in an urban school and a parent of two school aged children,  Jomayra Torres experienced the need for affordable academic tutoring and enrichment programs first hand. But even more so, she saw the need to educate and empower parents on the changing educational climate in order to best support their children. 

In 2012, Joys In Teaching Tutoring Service, LLCa tutoring match service, was developed as a response to parent requests for professional and affordable tutoring services. While building this company, Ms. Torres relied on her instincts as a parent and her wealth of professional teaching experience. It was this experience that lead to her being awarded The 2014 New Jersey Charter School Association’s Teacher of the Year and Literacy Specialist.

The Formation of our Nonprofit

Since our founding, Joys In Teaching has expanded to include several enrichment programs, including; parent education workshops, family workshops, consultation services, and the only entrepreneur course for children in Jersey City.

Joys In Teaching Inc., will work for the advancement of youth and their families through a variety of initiatives, including enrichment workshops, career development programs in Arts, Science and Cosmetology, amongst others, parent education workshops, community engagement events in Health and Wellness and general aid programs. Through community partnerships, we will facilitate programs out of schools, community and youth centers, and endeavor to work within the Juvenile Justice System to provide programming that will lead them on a path to rehabilitation.

Our goal is to be able to provide weekly and monthly programs, including a weekly mentor and tutoring workshop, weekly clothing and food drives, monthly parent networking events, and community outreach programs, through partnerships with various organizations.