Throughout the school year, we work with local schools to develop and implement after-school enrichment programs. Through these programs, we hope to offer parents affordable options within their child’s home school that expose students to a variety of topics that they otherwise would not be able to engage in. One of these programs is our Young Artist program! Budget cuts have led to an increasing number of schools cutting their arts programs, eliminating a much needed outlet for our budding artists. Our Young Artists program strives to develop interest in the arts, as well as hone problem solving and critical thinking skills in our K-3 students, bridging the gap between enrichment and standards mastery.

This term we have partnered with Kristin DeAngelis of 107 Bowers Gallery and ArtSpace to bring you 8 weeks of learning fun! Scholars will learn about famous artists and work to recreate those works of art on their own! Here is what your Young Artist can look forward to:

Week 1:  Kandinsky – color theory with pastels

Week 2:  Damian Hirst – Spin Painting

Week 3:  Giacometti – tinfoil people  sculptures

Week 4:  Monet & O’Keeffe – clay flowers

Week 5:  Matisse – collage

Week 6:  Clay hand

Week 7:  Van Gogh – painting

Week 8:  Jackson Pollock – Splatter Paint


About the Instructor

Kristin J. DeAngelis has over 25 years of art, marketing and sales experience culminating with being owner, director and curator at 107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace.

Growing up in rural Connecticut, Kristin spent most of her time with a crayon, pencil or brush in her hand. She always wanted to do something with the arts.

Prior to opening 107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace, Kristin spent over 20 years in key strategic roles directing marketing and sales communications for well known brands.

In September 2016, having nearly 5 years of experience of curating art shows and teaching children the basics of art in the Metro New York area, she opened 107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace.  107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace mission is to be a hub of creative endeavors. Not just an Art Gallery, but an ArtSpace embracing the creative journey, encouraging participation in the arts through advocacy, education and outreach. It is place for artists to be able to connect with one another and the community.

As a gallery director, Kristin works with artists, galleries, interior designers and collectors. As an art educator, Kristin works with children under 12 years of age to bring out the Young Master within them.  As an art advocate, Kristin coaches pre-emerging artists to get them focused and back on track to their creativity.

Kristin’s goal is to empower artists of any age to be successful in their goals.  “Artists are the rock stars.  I am just the roadie that is going to get them to their next gig.” -Kristin J. DeAngelis


Visit Kristin’s Gallery at:
107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace

107 Bowers Street

Jersey City, NJ  07307


phone:  201.280.4821

Facebook: 107bowersgalleryartspace

Instagram:  107bowersgallery






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