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Joys In Teaching Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization established by members of Joys In Teaching Tutoring Service, LLC. It works for the advancement of youth and their families, providing quality, affordable educational services to underserved communities within the greater Jersey City Community. Joys In Teaching, Inc. strives to ensure that children of all academic, socioeconomic status and life experience, gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become positive change agents for their communities. Partnering with schools, community and youth centers and local juvenile rehabilitation programs, our programs bridge the educational opportunity gap in the Arts, Science and Cosmetology,  with educational enrichment, career development and community service.


Our program participants develop life competency, self esteem and self worth by engaging in structured, mentored programs that provide opportunities in financial literacy and career development. We view Arts, Science and Cosmetology as strong avenues for long-term sustaining careers.

Our Values

Positive Self Concept

Positive Peer Relations

Academic Excellence

Financial Management


The objective of this program is to create an opportunity for students in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods to achieve academic growth & eradicate the disparity in the academic performance of lower income & higher income areas addressing 4 key areas:

    1) Psychological

    2) Social & Cognitive Development

    3) Academic & Career Development

    4) Life Skills

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    Young Cosmetologist Program Narrative

    The Young Cosmetologist Entrepreneurs Career Development and Youth Mentorship program is a 12 month program that aims to develop students business models from concept to entity formation, while providing academic support and parent/family workshops to strengthen the family dynamic and increase awareness of various resources available to support youth in their endeavors.

    Program Progression Outline

    Phase I
    • Business Basics
    • Cosmotology Basics
    • 10 2 hour classes
    Phase II
    • Tutoring Weekly
    • Cosmo Specialization Program
    • Financial Literacy
    • Community Service Projects
    Phase III
    • Apprenticeship
    • Cosmotology Specialization
    • Finalize Business plans
    Phase IV
    • Internship

    2018-2019 Highlights

          August Month long Program (Phase 1) – Completed

          • Held workshops in Business and Cosmetology for 35 girls 2 days a week (8 total classes)
          • Nightly meals provided
          • Young Cosmetologist walked in the PR Parade
          • Youth developed a one page business plan
          • Provided live demonstrations in hair and makeup

          September through December (Phase 2 ) – Completed

          • Added another phase with 25 new youth
          • Implemented a Free Weekly Tutoring Program
          • 1 Cosmetologist provided internship opportunity
          • Partnered with Local Small Business to provide branding and empowerment workshops
          • Provided job opportunities to 2 Jersey City youth
          • Began Branding and Marketing of Phase 2 youth (Logo production)
          • Provided Family  Workshops in Financial Planning, Anti Bullying, Bridging the Gap between School and Work and Skin Care
          • Helped coordinate and execute a Halloween Party for the community
          • Coordinated and executed a Halloween Costume Drive
          • Helped Coordinate and Collect Winter Items for a Community Coat Drive
          • Community Service Projects:
          • Donated to a Jersey City Public Schools Donors Choose Project
          • Donated to a back to school initiative for low income families through Women Owning Everything/The Collaboration
          • Donated to a Toy Drive coordinated by Geo of NuFlavor Cuts

          February – April (Phase 3) – In Progress

          • Added another 20 youth, 2 of which are male youth
          • Continuation of Weekly Tutoring Program
          • Employed 2 more JC youth
          • Phase 3 students become mentors for Phase 2
          • 4 more Community events planned ( Jan. Vision Board Party, Feb Valentine’s Day Party, March Literacy event, April TBA)
          • 4 more Parent Workshops planned
          • Salon Sundays Apprenticeship training for Phase 3 Cosmos

          May-August (Phase 4)- Coming Soon!

          Support Our Mission

          Your tax deductible contribution will make a huge difference in helping us continue to serve the community. 

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