One on One Tutoring

Whether you need a tutor to give your child an extra push, need homework help, or just want your child to be ahead of the game, we have a tutor that fits your needs. One on One tutoring provides our clients with the individualized services they need, from matching you with the perfect tutor, to ensuring your child has the best tools and resources available for success. You choose the date, time and location, we do the rest!

Consultation Services

We provide consultation services to schools and educational facilities that are looking for:

  • After School Program Curriculum Development
  • Implementation of the Young Entrepreneurs Program
  • Summer Program Curriculum Development
  • Literacy Education Professional Development
  • Learning Disabilities Professional Development
  • Classroom Management Professional Development
  • Academic Curriculum Program Development

To inquire about consultation services for your organization, please send us a message via our contact us page.

Available Curriculums

Description: This workshop, sponsored in conjunction with Earth Child, Inc. will teach students the history behind the art of crocheting and techniques to crocheting.

Grades 3-7

Fee per student: $50

Description: An exciting introduction to famous artists and artworks, with simple, practical projects based on the techniques used by the artists. Young artists can create Degas pastel dancers, a Rousseau jungle scene and Van Gogh swirly landscapes amongst other projects.

Grades​ ​K​ ​-3

Fee per student: $85

Our Literacy Club allows students to explore different themes and develop meaningful literacy learning experiences with interactive read alouds and a culminating craft.
Grades K-2


An introduction to coding for complete beginners, this workshop will teach children the basics of Scratch (a free, online program developed by MIT which is widely used in elementary schools), allowing them to get inside the code of their computer and create simple games and animations on screen.

Grades K-2


Designed for our littlest entrepreneurs, an introduction to business, design, and economics for tomorrow’s business leaders! Choose a name for your business, design your logo, decorate the premises, decide on the price of your products, what your employees will wear, and more. Little Entrepreneurs can choose to design a boutique or build a pizzeria. You’re never too young to become an entrepreneur, learn about business, and make your dreams come true!

Grades K-2


In the Young Explorers Workshop, students will engage in hands on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) projects designed to develop their inquiry and problem solving skills, while teaching them the basics in engineering, architecture and Science. Students will work on projects such as building a birdhouse, designing a terrarium, activating a volcano and more!

Grades K-3


Have you ever wanted to create your own comics but wondered where to start? This workshop will get you on the road to drafting, creating and marketing your own comic book!

Grades 5-7


This workshop covers everything a young player needs to know, from how to set out the pieces to special moves and tactics. The activities in this workshop will test your understanding and improve your skills!

Grades K-3


This workshop, in conjunction with Late for Work LLC, young Breakdancers will:

* Learn the fundamental moves of
breakdancing like top rocking and floor
* Develop Motivation, confidence, and
* Creativity; why unique personal moves
are important.
* B-boys and B-Girls (breakdancers) will
learn to conquer any fears they may have
about performing.

Grades 3-7

This clinic, offered in partnership with
Jersey City Lacrosse, will teach students
the fundamentals of one of our country’s
oldest sports. They will learn to throw,
catch and develop teamwork and
sportsmanship as they engage in the


This workshop, offered in conjunction with Minx Monroe, LLC, will teach students the basics of hair care, hair design and natural makeup! Students enrolled in this workshop will practice on their own mannequins!

Grades: 5-7


Upcoming Workshops & Programs

The community is always invited to come out to the workshops and programs sponsored by the non-profit arm of Joys In Teaching.


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