Happy October everyone! I took a very long hiatus from the site as I worked over the summer in rebranding and developing programs, but as promised, I am giving you the inside look at my new “office room” as I have taken to calling it and giving you the details on my new positions!

This year, I am the building Reading Specialist for grades 3-6 (putting my Master’s in Literacy Education to work!). As the Reading Specialist, I am pulling under performing readers in grades 3-5, but I also have the special task of teaching 6th grade ELA! My 6th grade group is an intervention group with a twist. To begin, I see them 8 times a week and we focus on literary skills based off of novel units. My 6th grade group is home to about 10 6th graders (they were my motivation for my office room theme), most of whom I had last year as a 5th grade ELA teacher.

Aside from being the Reading Specialist, I also am the ELA Curriculum Developer. I spent the summer developing curriculum material for ELA for grades 3-5. If that sounds like it’s a lot, it’s because it is! But I will discuss more about that in a later post.


In the beginning ..

When I walked into this space, I was not a happy camper. Actually, I was extremely frustrated and didn’t know how I was going to figure out how to house all the materials I needed along with 10 fully grown 6th grade bodies. Those LLI boxes you see in the above picture gave me even more anxiety! How was I going to plan for 6th grade PLUS all my intervention students on varying reading levels? (That will come later too!) Once I was able to put that out of my mind, I started to work my magic …

Last year I had a Chalkboard Themed Classroom that I spent a ton of money on, so I knew I wanted to keep the basics of that theme and add on just a little something. 

To liven up the room, I kept my pop of orange and added motivational stickers.

(Links to purchase motivational stickers: Dr. Seuss Classroom Rules)

To change things up from last year since most of the 6th grade are my students from last year, I added a new 40 Book Challenge board (Read about the 40 Book Challenge  by Donalyn Miller) as well as the Hollywood themed decor you see along the top of my room and the side of my “Reading Grafitti” wall. ( Hollywood Decor at Party City) On the “READ” wall, students record what they are currently reading, as well as a review or recommendation when they are finished their choice book. The goal is to get 40 post it’s on the board! The graffiti wall is for students to record interesting words or phrases from the books they are reading. Both boards were made using  Chalkboard Contact Paper. The Review and Recommend  Currently Reading pages were courtesy of Literacy for Big Kids.


While I would have loved to have a writing center where each of my groups could interact with the writing resources and show what they know, I just don’t have the space for it. So here you see my writing wall. There are resources for each step of the writing process and space for me to post examples of scholars who are using the process correctly. The black organizer to the left is home to my 6th graders writing portfolios (not pictured here ) The binder rings hold different charts on word usage such as spelling of words, vivacious verbs, etc. I found the chalkboard banner at the Target Dollar Spot. The Root Words and Affixes posters are from Dollar Tree. The Pocket Chart was purchased on Amazon.

Our Word Wall contains literary terms that we use often. It’s interactive in that students use it as a resource when they get stumped on a word. Most of our Do Now’s for 6th grade also ask students to use these words to answer a novel based prompt. These cards help so that I am not hearing “Ms. Torres what is plot?” all day long!


In case you’re wondering….

image3 This is my teacher nook

And this is where all  the magic happens!


What do you think about the new theme? Do you have any questions or comments? I would love to hear your thoughts!

 Until next time!